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Plan 5 times 1



Impact International Evangelistic Crusades


The total church… the pastor, the youngest, the oldest, and even the most humble member must be involved in Plan 5 times 1.  Of course, the pastor and his wife play the part of role models with their participation. Church members must examine themselves! A great majority of believers do not have many unsaved friends. If we do not have friends of the world, how are we going to win them for the Savior?


How soon do church members start in advance of the Impact International crusade?


To begin, members must establish a list of 5 friends who do not know Christ.  Perhaps they might be loved ones of the family, neighbors, colleagues from work or school. The ideal time is to launch this process is at least 9 months in advance of the crusade. A deep, meaningful friendship is not established in a day, a week, or even 2 months. It requires time, concentration, and much love.


Developing a deep, meaningful friendship is the preparation for the new birth.


The challenge will be that each one of your 5 friends becomes a member of the family of God through a spiritual rebirth. There are three basic steps leading toward the fruition of this goal listed here.


(1) Begin fervent prayer daily for each of the 5 persons. (2) On a regular basis, to spend time with each of the five. This can happen through many ways: An invitation to your house for a cup of coffee or a meal, participation together in some sport, interest in his or her family. Look for the opportunity to converse in depth regarding common interests. All these, coupled with love, will grow a friendship. (3) Perhaps you're saying to yourself, But, I don't have the gift of an evangelist. It doesn't matter! It isn't even necessary to mention the name of Christ during this time. The purpose, one hundred percent, is to make yourself a real friend... and nothing more. What an opportunity... because, everybody is looking for best friends.


Plan 5 times 1



Who will be the spiritual father or mother?


Example of a young couple: Recently, a young couple of IMPACT INTERNATIONAL, INC. announced that they are expecting their first born. Although the baby will not be born for several months, the prospective parents can hardly think of anything else. They're making a million preparations! She eats well, sleeps well, and does exercises -- all to promote a healthy birth. They have prepared the room for the baby. Every detail is ready. That's why we place so much emphasis on the months of preparation prior to rebirth, establishing profound friendships, so that the new babies will be born into a world of love.


The spiritual birth.


When the days of crusade evangelism arrive, it is important not only to invite your friends; but also, bring them, one by one, to the meetings. Arrive early to get a good seat.


The Impact Team.


The team will do everything possible to prepare and present an excellent musical program and a clear message, considering that, perhaps, your friend knows nothing about the gospel. This will be the birth operation. Then, the Spirit of God will open the heart so that Christ may enter in, giving new life -- abundant and eternal.


After the birth operation -- taking care of the new born.


It is probable that the majority of your 5 friends will experience spiritual birth. Now, they are new creatures -- delicate and tender. Your part is to love them, pray for and with them, care for them, feed them, change them when they are dirty, and protect them. They are your children! It will be easy to take them to your church because they'll say, Sure I'll go with you to your church; you're my best friend You'll have the pleasure of observing them and helping them to grow through the years of childhood, adolescence, and into mature adults in Christ. If you need a medical doctor for the treatment of any spiritual health problem of your children, the pastor or elders of your church will be on call


Plan 5 times 1



May God give you a great, prosperous, and eternal family!